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Lynn is located in the Essex County on Massachusetts North Shore. Lynn is conveniently located 10 miles north of downtown Boston and only 5 miles south of Salem MA. Lynn is home to a wide range of residents with a population of 90,329 people, 60% being white, 13% African-American, 7% Asian and a range of other races. The attorneys at MachLachlan & Allen LLC are proud to serve the many residents of Lynn MA and well as the entire North Shore.

With a large city usually comes higher crime rates and Lynn MA is no different. The overall crime rate in Lynn is 10% higher than the national average with the most common crime over the past year being theft with 1,605 incident reported. Lynn also rounds out the top 10 list of most dangerous cities in Massachusetts. One of the main issue involving crime in the city of Lynn is the growing gangs and violence that come along with gangs. Violent crime has been steadily increasing each year and is not a common occurrence in Lynn. The attorneys at Maclachlan and Allen specialize in criminal law including Assult & battery, drug crimes & Theft.

Theft charges are serious which is why if you are accused of theft, whether it be petty or grand larceny, you need a strong defense on your side. The attorneys at MacLachlan & Allen LLP have the criminal defense experience and expertise to help protect your rights every step of the way. We will carefully examine your case and work with you to come up with the proper defense. If you are charged with theft or larceny, seek immediate legal advice and representation from the experienced criminal defense attorneys at MacLachlan & Allen LLP. Call today 978-745-9569.

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